Monday, June 23, 2008

Absofuckinglutely good pizza

Found a little Italian cafe place in Subi today that serves the most amazing pizza ever!

Delizioso Café is on the corner of Rokeby and Churchill (diagonally across the street from Jackson's art supplies). It's a small place, and I was really impressed with the customer service. The guy at the counter forgot my coffee, and gave me a free one. Char was ready to pay for it, but the guy said never mind. That's just great service in my book.

The pizza is excellent. Delizioso's won an award for best pizza in the world (2007) with their mushroom trio pizza, and I can taste why! We shared a mushroom trio (wild shrooms, white buttons, ricotta, oregano) and a ham & mushroom. The mushroom trio was simply the best mushroom pizza I have ever had, hands down. The crust is light, slightly chewy and very flavoursome, and the gourmet toppings are top notch.

At $5.30 for a slice (about six inches by four inches), I think it's good value for money. Seriously, if you're in that neck of the woods, you have to give Delizioso Café a shot.

I'll take photos next time I'm there. Food this good must be shared! :p

More night shots.

Took Amelia's advice and took some shots around twilight. Stupid me forgot to bring the tripod though, so this set of images is rather blurry.

She's absolutely right, the colours are just so beautiful at this time of the day. I missed the early part of the sunset, so no glorious pictures of red and purple skies, but this isn't too bad, eh? I must go shoot sunsets proper soon.

I can only really hold the camera still for about a second. Pretty bad, I know. My tactic now is to brace myself a bit, hold half a breath, and take a 3-4 shot continuous burst. Kind of like how we learned to shoot our M-16s in the army. So far it's worked out pretty good. I get one good image out of the burst of three.

On a complete side note, I really should take up Calvin's suggestion of shooting things while our respective other halves go shopping.

Speaking of other halves, I'm slightly jealous of Char's point and shoot because it does a lot of auto correction and colour balancing, so she can grab really gloriously coloured evening shots while I fiddle around with trial and error. Oh well. Cest la vie! (I find I say this a lot. :P)

And this last picture really reminded me of Miami Vice. Palm trees, big moon... all we need are cops with big hair and a moustache!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Around this town

As promised, pictures of people! This pair was so engrossed that they didn't even realise I was there. I feel like a voyeur of sorts. A part of me wonders about the legality of shooting random people without them knowing. I should really look that up. Apparently it's illegal to photograph children!

This was taken randomly while waiting for Adrian to complete his circuit of EB Games. Speaking of games, I'm damn tempted to get a PS3. Need to save money though!

Tried to track these cops, but as you can see, it's a little blur. Should have upped the shutter speed, but it was a spur of the moment track and snap, so I didn't have much time to fiddle.

Idle thought: I wonder if 'must look good in tights and sunglasses' is a job requirement for these fellows!

More people and coffee. Apparently we produce around 6.7 million tonnes of coffee per annum. That's pretty crazy eh? I don't think I can live without coffee. I practically spent half my time in school slacking in a corner with a coffee in hand. There was this guy with a beanie (Kershia knows his name) in Little Walters who would make me a triple shot flat white every morning. He actually would have it ready by the time I rocked up to the little window. How's that for customer service?

And just in case you thought all I did was snap people... More scenery/buildings/random objects!

I like this picture. For me it's really that sort of stretching into infinity coupled with the guy with the backpack who almost looks like he's following the bird. It's a pretty good analogy for my faith.

Problem is that the bird's rather small, and there's all these pretty shops along the way. I've found that I have a bad habit of sometimes losing sight of the bird.

And finally this clocktower. The architecture of the place somehow reminds me of back home, even though I don't think any place in Singapore looks like this! Maybe the fire station behind Funan Centre? What's it called again?

There's this sort of colonial air to buildings like these. It's a nice feeling. Like something familiar. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy for no apparent reason.

G/W Persist deck.

Another random deck I stuck together a few days ago. Did quite well actually. Had one loss to an Oversouled Oversoul deck and Red Deck Wins (But I won the best of three). Had some difficulty beating a blue/black card advantage deck. But then again, if someone manages to draw four Cryptic Commands in the course of a game, you're screwed otherwise eh?

4 x Twilight Shepherd (I never played her, considering taking her out)
4 x Wilt-Leaf Liege
4 x Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers
3 x Heartmender
4 x Kitchen Finks
4 x Safehold Elite

4 x Turn to Mist (never cast them, another candidate for exclusion)
4 x Wrath of God
3 x Shield of the Oversoul
4 x Safewright Quest

23 x Plains

What the deck really has is staying power. The persist creatures just keep on coming back, and survive your Wraths (hopefully the other guy's critters don't), and Wilt-Leaf Liege gives all your critters a massive power boost. Plus Shield of the Oversoul, it's just gay.

I'm thinking of maybe swopping out the Shepherds for Gaddock Teeg (have to change my mana base for that though, plus it means I can't Wrath with impunity) and Turn to Mist for Oblivion Ring.

I like this deck.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ah, smells like teen spirit.

Talk about a bad angle to be in! Haha. Looks like the statue's getting a blow job.

Sorry mate, no weapons of mass destruction there!

Okay! Fine! I know the picture's blurry, but it's still embarassingly funny! :p

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Before the rain.

Took this shot just a few minutes before it started pouring on my head. Quite surprised really, because I didn't know what to expect. The photo did turn out quite nicely, didn't it? The river spray along here is pretty fierce too. I so need to come back here when it's bright out to catch that.

I like the colours in the above photograph, although I'm not sure whether it's the result of the impending rain, or just the nearby light polution. Or maybe I've got ranom skill! Haha.

Also, getting rained on? Not fun. It was a good five minute dash back to the car. And predictably, the heavy downpour turned into a light drizzle the minute I got in the car. Cest la vie, eh? :)

I tend to take random shots like this. I guess I've always wanted to try taking the stereotypical cars on a freeway shot. I must say, this has a much steeper learning curve than I imagined.

I'll post more shots soon! I feel like event photography. Anyone know any events happening around town? I've got the urge to shoot people. Maybe I'll walk around town on Saturday.

Monday, June 16, 2008

After dark.

Shot this during the wee hours of Saturday morning, circa 2am.

Bloody dark, bloody cold, and bloody scary. King's Park at night with no one but your camera for company? Not fun. I couldn't bloody see more than five metres in front of my face. I almost jumped a couple of times when people walked by.

Yes, random people walk by at 2am!

I like looking at the Perth city skyline late at night. Something about all the lights makes it so damn pretty. And the clear night skies, that's something you won't get back in Singapore.

That said, I do miss home.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fish, chips, and giant robots.

Went to Freo with Adrian on Friday for dinner, and ate the ubiquitous fish and chips. Must say, this is the first time I've actually tried to snap food proper (I blame Robin), and it's really rather difficult with low lighting. Oh well.

This was my dinner. Fish and squid. Yes I know my health isn't great, but I didn't eat the batter. Or finish my fries. See? Moderation is good for you!

And this of course, is Adrian's dinner. Approximately twice the size of mine. No wonder he now weighs more than I do. Scary thought, eh?

The seafood chowder they're got isn't too bad, but it's a little salty. And personal opinion, I like the normal fish they use for fish and chips much more than Adrian's snapper. It's less chewy, I guess. And you know what? I think I prefer Kailis to Cicerellos. The fish and chips are less oily and the portions are actually normal human sized.

And on a completely seperate side note, Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann is the most exaggerated anime I have ever seen. When giant galaxy sized robots start throwing galaxies at each other, the brain simply stops working.

It is good for one hell of a laugh though. Check out the subtitles for all the moves. I kid you not.

Giga Drill Breaker!!!!


Just reading the news.

I am so looking forwards to when Microsoft rules the world, don't you? What will they plan to buy next? eBay?

Plus, even more evidence that Japanese are weird people.

Apparently, I'm an occasional binge drinker!

Asian governments are pushing up the price of petrol! (And all along I thought it was just OPEC)

Rudd says good things about Howard. Oh my!

And studies show that drugs are bad for you! Legal ones this time! Marijuana anyone?

On another note, at the rate that large corporations are starting to buy over every major player out there on the market, it probably won't be long before the net ceases to be 'free'. Very Minority Report-ish, don't you agree? (The world concept, not the pre-cognitive persons)

Okay, I know I'm being contrary and silly.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kick backs.

For the fourth time this week, I've tried to take a shower before heading out (as is my habit), and someone's either already in the shower, or runs into the shower when I step into my room to get clothes/take a piss. Hence, I've been late for work, or in today's case, losing valuable daylight hours for shooting.

Considering that the plumbing is so shot that whenever someone turns on the hot water elsewhere in the house, you almost immediately get a cold shower, it's a wonder I even bathe as regularly as I do. (Approximately thrice every two days, if anyone's asking)

If this isn't evidence that it is better to live alone, don't know what is.

Toss in the fact that my internet is slow (1200kps is nothing when you have up to four computers running at the same time, and my sister is invariably downloading/streaming). Add in the fact that I can't even get a beer because of health problems. And you'd have a rough idea of how pissed I am right now.

I've just wasted an entire Saturday. Thank you, family.

Birds of a feather.

And I thought segregation was just for us humans!

Seriously, if this picture is not lolcats worthy, I don't know what is!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The World Isn't Fair.

Next week, the first Apple Retail store in Australia opens in Sydney. It's. So. Far. Away.

Meanwhile, Chris is stuck in an Apple-less corner of the world, and has to deal with re-sellers and third-party tech support and repair. Why Steve? Why?! Do you hate me that much?


I love this time of year. It's romantically melancholic.

A walk along the beach.

Just a few pictures I took last Saturday when I went prowling around with my camera. Yeah, I know they need work. I'm rather rusty with all of this. Oh well. Practice makes perfect, eh?

I must say that there's a certain awkwardness I get when I try to take photographs. I guess maybe I'm just self-conscious about it. I mean, there are all these... people around! I do like taking people though! Particularly candid shots of people in action. I'll need to work on my self-consciousness, otherwise I'll never be able to get those shots that I really want.

Pictures below were all taken at Point Walter. I've got a couple more, which I'll upload in a couple of days. In the interim, enjoy!

River side.


Casual intimacy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lifetime supply of beer

Only in Europe (and maybe Australia), and only in football. Damn. I want to be an Austrian centre forward now.

VIENNA, June 10 (Reuters) - A Vienna brewery is promising a lifelong supply of free beer to any Austria player who scores a goal for the co-hosts in their remaining Euro 2008 group matches against Poland and Germany.

(Original article)

Need I say more? I should be so lucky. :p

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hungry. Irritation. Rar.

(Why yes, I do believe I AM complaining!)

So since I've got no one to have dinner with after mass, I pop down to Taurus to have wonton mee, and find that I've got no cash on me because I've forgotten to visit the ATM.

Drive to the closest ATM, which is conveniently out of order.

Decide to go home to cook up mushrooms and eat some chicken I've got marinading. Sister's beaten me to it. My mushrooms and chicken are gone. (And she's gone out too, otherwise I would raise hell at her)

And someone's eaten the chicken burger I had in the fridge. Someone owes me $6.35.

Miso soup and tofu are options, but they're not very filling, and I am very hungry. Decide to cook instant noodles because they're faster.

Discover that I've got nothing to go with the noodles, so it's just plain indomee. How exciting.

Eat my one packet of indomee. Still hungry. There is no food in the house!

Discover that FoxTel does NOT screen live Euro matches. What's the fucking point of having cable if you can't bloody watch football?

Guess I'll just go to bed.