Monday, August 31, 2009


As most of you already know, we own two little bundles of adorable fur named Leia and Eowyn. Yes they're both girls and they're both named after strong female characters in two of my favourite science fiction franchises. I think the geekiness shows through eh?

By the way, they're guinea pigs, not hamsters!!!

Leia pokes her head out.

Mine part deux
Eowyn gets possessive over carrot.

Who? Me?
Who? Me?
Leia gives the innocent look a workout.

Sorry, she's camera shy.
Camera shy
Aren't they adorable?

Monday, August 10, 2009

moments in monochrome.

A few more shots from the Dongara/Geraldton trip, coverted to black and white. I really enjoy black and white photography. There's a certain gravity and character about it that gets lost sometimes when shooting in colour. The tones and shadows are emphasised, the character is somehow enhanced... that's something I never tire of seeing.

Black and white conversion also can help 'save' a photograph. Especially when the colour's a little off or the picture's a little over exposed. I admit that I do convert some shots to black and white simply because I'm trying to 'save' the shot. Most of the time though, it's an artistic decision based on the very simple 'it'll just look better' argument!

I don't really subscribe too much to the overly artistic school of thought. A good photograph just has to look good. It doesn't necessarily need to have a deeper meaning or have superb technical quality. Or maybe I'm subconsciously making excuses because I'm not very good at the technical aspects of photography! Who knows?

Someone to lean on.
Help, I've fallen over
One of many leaning trees, Geraldton

I'm amazed at how many leaning trees there were in the area. I just can't get my head around how the prevailing winds stunt a tree's growth so much that the tree literally grows leaning over. It's just amazing in it's own way.

Towering above.
Tower at the HMAS Sydney memorial, Geraldton

I can't claim any credit for the picture. It was taken by Char using my camera and I am so taken by the framing and placement of the break in the clouds just nicely silouetting the flag that I just had to post it.

Whipped away in the wind.
Whipped away in the wind
Windmill, somewhere in between Geralton and Dongara

Snapped this one in the car on the way back from trying to find some pool whose name suddenly escapes me. There's literally miles of open plain, dotted every so often by a herd of sheep and by one of these giant windmills. When you think about the trees getting blown over by the wind, it makes perfect sense to build a wind farm out that way. This was probably the most dynamic of all the windmill shots I took. Shame you can see the window reflection in the picture though.

Somewhat pensive?
Somewhat pensive?
Char, in Mabeline's car

Admittedly I am horrible at taking portraits. This shot didn't turn out too badly though. I'm actually quite surprised that even though I was cooped in a car for hours on stretch, I didn't take as many images of my fellow car-mates as I could have. I really should try and utilise the opportunity to work on my portraiture, hey? Maybe next time.

As they say, carpe diem, hey?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

happy national day!

Oh my goodness, I just reviewed the last post and realised what day it is! I'm so blur sometimes.


Have an awesome day all you guys back home!

apologies. weekend getaway.

My apologies for the absurdly long absence! I have no excuses other than (1) I have been fairly busy with work, and (2) I'm really good at procrastinating. More of the latter than the former to be honest. Then again most of you know exactly how much of a sloth the good Chris can be when it comes to getting things done, much to the girlfriend's chagrin.

We went up to Dongara with Mabeline and Calvin about two weekends back for a quick getaway. It's a fairly sleepy picturesque town approximately four hours by car north of Perth with a growing rock lobster fishing industry. Hell, they've even got a large metal lobster along the main highway! (Note to self: upload lobster pic)

We drove up on Friday night after work and came back Sunday afternoon by way of New Norcia. Spent most of Saturday in Geraldton, which is the major population centre approximately 30 minutes drive away. Sad to say, most of Saturday was horrible for pictures, although I think I managed a couple good ones. And yes, we did have lobster (among other things) for dinner.

I'd say it was a pretty good trip. Lord knows that Char and I both needed a break from the daily monotony. In fact, I'm pretty sure we need another break fairly soon! Maybe it's time for another drive down south...

A poem in stone.

I felt an indescribable sense of 'coming home' when I stepped into the cathedral. The history and tradition literally seeps through the very architecture, at once both different and yet reassuringly familiar. The interior of the nave and the dome have a strangely mosque-like air, almost like the Byzantian-style architecture or one of the great Spanish mosques. I wish I had better pictures of the interior to show you.

For me, the most heartachingly beautiful thing in the cathedral are the stained-glass windows. I was most struck by one window dedicated to the memory of a son who fought and died in the first World War. The anguish of loss was palpably present in that stained glass, as was a quiet and reassuring hope. I spent a good while just drinking that window in. Tragic and beautiful. They rarely make art like that these days.

Lighthouse by moving car.
lighthouse by car window
Moore Point Lighthouse, Geraldton

The lighting was poor when we first passed by the lighthouse; which is the first all-steel lighthouse built on the mainland and the oldest lighthouse still under federal government ownership. Thankfully I managed to sneak in this shot on the way back.

King of my castle.
king of the castle
Seagull on a trash can. Back Beach, Geraldton

For some reason this seagull just refused to move and actually chased off another bird who tried to land on 'his' trash can. I'm reminded of the seagulls in Finding Nemo yelling out 'Mine! Mine! Mine!'

a bit of this and that
Chicken salad with bacon and sundried tomato. Skeetas Restaurant and Cafe, Geraldton.

Lunch at Skeetas Restaurant and Cafe in Geraldton, overlooking the foreshore. Salad was excellent and the deep fried calamari were one of the better ones I've had in a while. Had a very interesting strawberry yoghurt dip with bread as part of the appetisers too.

Did I mention I really enjoyed the chicken salad? Mmm. Chicken salad...

Sharing a moment.
lovers, again.

another sunset
Sunset, Dongara

After all the dreary skies and washed-out colour of the day, we're suddenly greeted with a awesome display of magnificent wonder. Seriously, it made all the bad shots I've taken over the course of the day almost worth it to experience and capture another one of those glorious sunsets we so rarely have the time to contemplate.

And that's all I have for you at the moment. More pictures to come soon! I promise!