Saturday, September 19, 2009

More critters!

I'm always intriguied by how our guinea pigs have such different and distinct personalities even though they're sisters from the same litter. You'd think that they'd be fairly similar in taste and temperment, considering that the pair haven't been seperated since birth, but they're such polar personaility opposites it's almost fun to watch them interact with us and each other.

I'm the studious one.
The studious one
Eowyn ostantiously trying to maximise profits (or squeak-to-carrot returns)

Eowyn's the slightly smaller (and punkier looking) of the two. She's also the more calm and sedate of the two, always happy to be picked up and cuddled, and rarely startled by anything. She's also the bolder of the two and takes the lead in most situations. It's adorably cute how Leia follows Eowyn everywhere when we leave them to their own devices in the garden. It's a guinea pig train!

Leia looking stunned/shocked/startled... again!

Leia on the other hand is the more skittish and tempermental of the pair. She startles really easy. So easy in fact that she often bumps her head on things while reacting and trying to get away! You should really see her jump! She literally does this hop, turns around, and dashes for cover while bumping her head on the wall/food bowl/house in the process! It's so comical and adorable at the same time!

Nom nom nom.
Nom nom nom
Eowyn, always focused on the important things in life.

Compared to Eowyn who goes 'meh' and just sits there and nibbles away!

Think smart, act blur.
Think smart, act blur
Leia looking confused. Another of the many 'awww so cute!' expressions she's got.

Leia's very happy vegging out in front of the tv or computer - seriously! Leia sits through Warcraft sessions and tv episodes like a champ. Sometimes when the living room tv's on, you'll catch Leia watching through the bars of her cage. She also gets lonely quite easily and will start squeaking if we take Eowyn out of the cage for too long or if she can't find her sister. Eowyn on the other hand, just seems to take everything in stride!

Leia's also more inclined to try and hide or scurry off to her little corner. The only time she's aggressive is when it comes to trying to get food! She's trained herself very well to squeak whenever the fridge or pantry door is opened, which often either gets her a carrot or some attention. She's trained us pretty well too!

In your face, filling out your frame.
In your face!
Eowyn on the dinner table.

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